Accredited Online HACCP Training Collection

Accredited Online HACCP Training Collection

Reinforce a positive food safety culture with self-paced training for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) System implementation. Develop a strong understanding of HACCP principles with online courses for food safety certification programs developed by professionals with firsthand experience. Start your path to HACCP certification online with training from Alchemy Academy today.

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Alchemy Academy - Basic HACCP Online Course
Basic HACCP: Online Course

Learn essential information to HACCP implementation in your facility, including program outlines and how to apply HACCP principles in your production.


Alchemy Academy - Advanced HACCP Online Course
Advanced HACCP: Online Course

Build out HACCP concepts and further explore details of implementation in your facility. Access online resources vital to sustaining a successful system.


Alchemy Academy - Basic HACCP Juice and Beverage Online Course
Basic HACCP: Juice & Beverage Online Course

If you process or import certain juice products, this course is the ideal first step, with essential information on HACCP application and additional learning on juice regulatory updates.


Expert Insight
Practical, Expert Insight
Taught by certified auditors with decades of experience.
Real-World Perspective
Real-World Perspective
Explore best practices that translate directly to the floor.
Roadmap to Compliance
Roadmap to Compliance
Track progress and build your programs to comply with SQF.
Save Time and Money
Save Time and Money
Eliminate travel costs and minimize the hassle of classroom training.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) training is one way to increase food safety standards in your production or manufacturing facility. Protect your employees, facility, and consumers with Prerequisite Programs (PRPs) and HACCP systems to identify and prevent potential hazards. Comply with regulations and elevate confidence in your brand by taking self paced online training accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. Effective training reduces risk across your PRPs and HACCP plans, and with our online courses you can track the progress of all individuals who enroll. Create a common vocabulary and strong food safety culture with training that emphasizes the importance of the 7 HACCP principles, including a deeper dive into verification and validation.

Hazard Analysis

Identify areas which may be more susceptible to food safety hazards and establish prerequisite programs to effectively control pathogens.

Critical Control Points

Use real-world examples to identify critical control points and develop written HACCP plans to cover hazards that are reasonably likely to occur.

Critical Limits

Establish set values for process control to determine minimum or maximum acceptable values for hazards based on given parameters: time, physical dimensions, water activity, and pH.

Monitoring Procedures

Delineate actions required to monitor critical control points, including the frequency of monitoring to verify compliance with critical limits.

Corrective Actions

Proactively outline actions to be taken following deviation from critical limits at a critical control point and designate who will perform these actions in your written plan.

Record Keeping Systems

Create an organized manner to gather all documents supporting each principle and observations recorded during monitoring.


Determine which activities to perform, other than monitoring, to ensure the system is functional and further assess the system to decide what improvements can be made to increase effectiveness.

With our accredited online learning, you can improve functionality of your food safety systems and learn how best to validate your actions. Enroll with Alchemy Academy today.

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