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How to Avoid Top Audit Non-Conformances

In the food production industry, the Global Food Safety Initiative, or GFSI, performs audits that act as unbiased, independent evaluations of food safety and quality systems. This reassures the public that the source of their food is looking out for their best interests and trying to avoid product recalls. Audits provide brief snapshots in time […]

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Taking Control of Your HACCP System

Implementing a HACCP System requires that both Prerequisite Programs and HACCP Plans are implemented.  Prerequisite programs are programs that are put in place in the facility to control hazards in the environment, preventing contamination of the product. Many factors are taken into account to successfully produce safe and wholesome food. Governmental regulations guide implementation of […]

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Label Transparency: Protecting Your Consumers from Allergens

Governmental regulations, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), have drastically impacted how food producers perform allergen control. Activities that were formerly merely suggestions are now compulsory in order to minimize the risk of allergens in food products. Food allergen preventive controls are both essential and beneficial to your bottom line. With increased allergen […]

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Internal Audits: The “Write” Stuff

The “Write” Way to Document Internal Audits Preventing Audit Non-Conformances with Good Documentation When preparing for external audits, the best preparation is your internal audit system. While many non-conformances may seem out of your control, you can easily manage the documentation behind your internal audit system and strengthen your results. Of course, your process is […]

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5 Ways to Support Your Employees

With the continual increase of handheld technology, it’s only natural to assume that there would be a similar increase in communication ability between people. Time and again, however, we’re reminded that even with an influx of input, that’s not always the case. Tools that were built to improve our capacity to communicate have seemingly decreased […]

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