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Five Core Benefits of PCQI Training

PCQI Training

The Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule requires every food manufacturing facility to employ a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual as part of their food safety team. This person is a key component to a company’s food safety program, carrying out specific, crucial responsibilities as dictated by the regulatory body. These include tasks like developing, implementing and reassessing a Food Safety Plan.

While individuals can achieve PCQI status as a result of adequate job experience, relying on this tenure alone can and will leave your team falling short. Only formal risk-based PCQI training based on the FDA recognized standardized curriculum can effectively and properly equip individuals to understand the latest regulations and Food Safety Plan requirements. Keep reading to discover five core benefits of PCQI training.

PCQI Training Benefits

Grasp and Monitor Federal Regulations

A thorough understanding of evolving food regulations is paramount to ensuring compliance for your facility and guaranteeing your products’ safety for consumers. Alchemy Academy’s PCQI training courses break down federal regulations so that you not only ascertain how to comply with each standard but walk away with an appreciation for the value of PCQI responsibilities.

Master Hazard Analysis and Preventive Control Measures

PCQI training builds on food manufacturing professionals’ fundamental knowledge of food safety hazards and discusses the underlying principles of crafting a food safety preventive controls system. By getting to know the motivations behind food hazards, learning the process of hazard analysis, and exploring how to apply preventive control principles, future PCQIs better understand how a systematic approach helps assure safe food for consumption.

Develop an Effective Food Safety Plan

With new learnings in place, PCQI training takes a hands-on approach and walks participants step by step through building a Food Safety Plan, including identifying tools and implementation tasks. What’s more, participants of Alchemy’s PCQI training walk away with manuals, workbooks, templates, and more to help perfect their Food Safety Plan. We also discuss when to perform reanalysis to help assure you sustain a successful food safety system.

Understand the Importance of Record-Keeping Procedures

The importance of establishing and carrying out proper record-keeping procedures in a timely, complete, and true fashion cannot be overstated. PCQI training lays the groundwork for this practice, demonstrating the proper record keeping and record review systems relevant to your operation’s Food Safety Plan.

Get Direct Guidance from an FSPCA Lead Instructor

Leverage the expertise of Intertek Alchemy’s Consulting team with instruction and guidance from two of our FSPCA lead instructors. These instructors boast decades of experience and have completed robust training to provide you with the tools and resources you need to become a competent and confident PCQI.


When it comes to developing your company’s Food Safety Plan and cultivating a food safety culture, the benefits of PCQI training are crystal clear. Without formal training, the process takes longer, proves more arduous, and leaves your company open to vulnerabilities and non-conformities.

Take a closer look at PCQI training with Alchemy Academy’s blended eLearning resource. Taught by an FSPCA Lead Instructor, you’ll unlock the benefits mentioned above and more.  Our course combines the benefits of a self-paced eLearning environment with a live virtual instructor-led session to ensure you walk away with a comprehensive and complete understanding of the new FSMA requirements.


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