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Rest assured, we still have all of the award-winning online courses, white papers, and blogs you know and love, but we’re expanding our catalog and adding a few bells and whistles. Users benefit from a single platform housing new courses, expanded course features, and increased opportunities to interact with our experts via live, virtual events.

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Zosi offers a solution for people in every role, across multiple industries. Busy individuals looking to understand and meet evolving regulations come to Zosi for accessible, practical, and personalized solutions. Corporate decision-makers who need to upskill a diverse workforce lean on Zosi to take the training reins and provide interactive curriculums, actionable insights, practical application strategies to their people. With Zosi, everyone breathes easier.


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Adapting Food Safety and Defense Systems – WP

Adapting Food Safety and Defense Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Food safety, food defense, food security, and food fraud continuously evolve with the coronavirus pandemic. Food processing and manufacturing professionals have had to swiftly adapt – and will continue to do so. What can your facility expect as the industry shifts and how can you prepare? Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt, Director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute at the University of Minnesota, lends her expertise to the topic, and discusses what has changed, what’s on the horizon, and what businesses can do today to thrive tomorrow.

In your download, you’ll discover key insights on:

  • The biggest food safety and defense challenges facing the industry today
  • New takeaways and strategies for safeguarding worker health
  • How to prepare for food defense and food fraud audits that were delayed due to the pandemic
  • Resources for food safety and food defense training

Produce Training

Fresh Food Safety Solutions
for the Produce Industry

Jump to:

PMA Center for Growing Talent - Horizontal

The safety of the food we produce for consumption isn’t just key to growing your business and complying with FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule. Food safety is in everyone’s best interest – whether working with consumer groups or regulatory bodies. In partnership with Produce Marketing Association and the Center for Growing Talent, Alchemy Academy proudly presents this hub of online resources to help professionals at all career levels cultivate and grow their produce safety, crisis management, and quality control skillset.

Blog Posts

Sanitation Best Practices for the Produce Industry

This quick start guide to produce sanitation helps eliminate public health threats, guarantee the production of safe foods, and inspire confidence in consumers.

Get Started

Getting Guidance on the Produce Safety Rule

Understand the ins and outs of FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule for farms engaged in the growing, harvesting, packing, or holding of raw agricultural commodities (fruits, vegetables) for human consumption.

Read More

Food Safety Crisis Management 101

What is food safety crisis management, and what does it involve? Find out in this blog post.

Read Now

Building Your Produce Safety Program: Focus on Agriculture Water

When developing a comprehensive, science and risk-based produce safety program, agricultural water uses must be a top priority. Learn agricultural water management basics with PMA’s Dr. Bob Whitaker.

Read On

7 Steps to Effective Sanitation

Get a closer look at the factors involved in food sanitation on a production and manufacturing level.

Read More

White Papers

Traceability White Paper from Alchemy Academy

Adding Brand Trust with Increased Traceability

Evolving traceability demands for food suppliers can create pressure to follow the latest trends. This free white paper delves into the transformation of traceability in food production and manufacturing.

Download Free


Webinar - Supply Chain Traceability

Supply Chain Traceability: Essential Tips and Tools for
Ensuring Transparency

Traceability throughout your supply chain is crucial for maintaining the success of your organization and the trust of your consumers. Are you prepared?

Watch Now


Essentials of Produce Safety Course

Establish produce safety best practices in your facility and minimize risk with this self-paced online course.

English Spanish

FS Crisis Management Simulation

Become a produce industry CEO and learn to navigate a foodborne illness outbreak in this choose-your-adventure style crisis management simulation from Alchemy Academy and PMA/CGT.

Let’s Play!

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Free Course Preview – Food Safety Crisis Management Simulation

Logo - Alchemy Academy

FREE Course Preview

Food Safety Crisis
Management Simulation

Become a produce industry CEO leading their team through a listeria outbreak in this choose-your-own-adventure simulation from Alchemy Academy and Produce Marketing Association (PMA). Earn points as you make your way through seven critical decisions along our foodborne illness outbreak timeline, each resulting in expert feedback and instruction. Plus, Food Safety Crisis Management Simulation contains downloadable resources to help bring your newly honed crisis management skills out of the screen and into your facility.

Key Objectives

  • Understand the complex decision-making process involved in a foodborne illness outbreak.
  • Build the communication skills needed to work with various leadership roles in the food industry toward renewed food safety and brand success.
  • Utilize a library of trusted resources to help craft a top-notch crisis management plan.

Food Defense Program Training

Your Food Defense Online
Resource Hub

Jump to:

Illustration - Food Safety Professional

Fortifying your food defense system is an integral part of preventing public health harm due to intentional adulteration. Incidents of intentional adulteration not only diminish the integrity of our food supply but also could spell economic and legal trouble for your business. Food defense threats can lead to a federal investigation, loss of revenue, increase employee turnover, and more. While this concept isn’t new, it is now a part of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations and GFSI scheme requirements (e.g. BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000).

So, how do you mitigate vulnerabilities, preventing intentional adulteration and its repercussions? With trusted food defense training that drives continuous improvement. On this page, you’ll find Alchemy Academy white papers, webinars, blogs, and courses to help you along the way.

What is food defense?

Food defense is the protection of food products, and therefore the food supply from acts of intentional adulteration. Every team member has a role to play in their facility’s food defense program. Frontline workers, supervisors, plant managers, food safety managers, production managers, and more must fully understand how to detect, respond, and mitigate food defense threats in their facility.

What is intentional adulteration?

Intentional adulteration refers to when an individual or a group intentionally contaminates a food product. Acts of intentional adulteration are intended to cause wide-scale public health harm and are most commonly carried out by disgruntled employees. The most common food defense threat motivations include terrorism, sabotage, and economically motivated adulteration.

To learn more about food defense, the purpose of a food defense program, and Food Defense Qualified Individuals (FDQI), click here .

White Papers

Your Guide to Achieving Intentional Adulteration Rule Compliance

Understand the requirements and purpose of FSMA’s Final Rule, ensure your food defense plan is audit-ready, and learn how to avoid common food defense non-conformances.

Download Today


webinar: The FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule: Keys to Achieving Compliance

The FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule: Keys to Achieving Compliance

Join Alchemy’s food safety expert, Jeff Chilton, and University of Minnesota’s Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt as they provide valuable advice to help make your food defense plan more robust.

Watch Now

FSMA’s Final Rule for Food Defense: How to Comply by July Deadline

Ensure your food defense plan meets regulation in this webinar with Alchemy’s food safety expert, Jeff Chilton. While the July deadline has come and gone, the insights in this presentation keep you audit-ready throughout the year.

Watch Now


Food Safety, Security, and Defense in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Food safety, food security, and food defense are integral parts of keeping our food supply chain healthy and operating during the pandemic. We spoke to Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt, Director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute at the University of Minnesota, about how to take a holistic approach to all three.

Read More

Food Defense 101: The Three Types of Food Defense Threat Motivations

Consider these three motivations, and how to prevent the threats they pose, when creating your food defense program.

Read More

Recognize the Difference Between Food Defense and Food Safety

What’s the difference between food safety and food defense? Find out in this Alchemy Academy blog.

Read More

Your Defense Against Intentional Adulteration

What is the Intentional Adulteration (IA) Rule? Who does it cover and what does it mean for your facility? Discover the answers in this Alchemy Academy blog.

Read More


Food Defense Manager - online course

Food Defense Manager

Challenge the way you think about your food defense plan while meeting FSMA and GSI Scheme (e.g. BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000) requirements in this online course from the Food Protection and Defense Institute at the University of Minnesota (FPDI) and Alchemy Academy.


Food Defense Supervisor Awareness - online course

Food Defense Supervisor Awareness

Get to know the relationship between food defense, food fraud, food safety, and food security le with this online curriculum. You’ll walk away with an improved understanding of the Intentional Adulteration (IA) rule and how to detect vulnerabilities in your food production.

English Spanish

Food Defense in 15

This online food defense training designed for frontline workers helps employees understand the importance of their company’s food defense plan and the significance of their role in protecting the food supply.

English Spanish

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Your Guide to Food Safety Training – Access

Get Your Roadmap to Food Safety Training Success

The Academy Roadmap for Food Safety Training provides an accessible, logical, and proven route to food safety success. With it, professionals across production understand which online courses they should take, what order to complete them in, and why they’re essential. We offer interactive online food safety courses so that employees at every level can excel in their roles, expand their industry knowledge, and, most importantly, keep the food supply safe.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Where to begin with food safety training
  • How to progress through Alchemy Academy’s food safety courses
  • A concise description of each online course and its importance
  • Further resources for professional development

Get your roadmap now!

Prerequisite Programs for your HACCP Plan – Access

Your Prerequisite Program Primer

Prerequisite programs, including GMPs and SSOPs, are essential building blocks of a food safety system. Without them in place, facilities cannot guarantee the production of safe, wholesome food for human consumption. This white paper explores what prerequisite food safety programs may prove necessary to support a successful HACCP plan and provides regulatory resources for facilities looking to build and improve their PRPs.

Download today to:

  • Understand why prerequisite programs are vital to a healthy HACCP system
  • Gain insight into practical examples of PRPs for your facility
  • Get an overview of PRP regulations and resources
  • And more

Guide to the Kosher Market – Access

The Global Demand for Kosher

Kosher Market Statistics Everyone Should Know

What is the value of kosher certification? How big is the kosher market? How can kosher food production increase your bottom line and improve demand? Here’s a complete rundown of the thriving $19.8 billion industry. Download Alchemy Academy’s Kosher Market Statistics Guide to explore the impact kosher can have in your facility today.

Kosher Stats One Pager

With this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Current kosher market statistics
  • The projected growth of the kosher market
  • Alchemy resources for entering the bustling kosher industry

What is Kosher Production

Logo - Alchemy Academy, Intertek Product - Black and White

What is Kosher Food Production?

Kosher refers to a set of food production rules and standards rooted in Jewish laws and traditions. These laws spawned a concrete list of foods considered kosher or acceptable to eat. Thus, kosher food production requires food manufacturing facilities to comply with specific requirements for processes, ingredients, and equipment. Despite these religious roots, kosher food production today extends far beyond a religious concept. As the ethnic food industry steadily grows, the base of dedicated kosher consumers continues to expand, allowing manufacturers to tap into a thriving market of loyal consumers and diverse products.

Video Kosher Production

Alchemy Academy offers a full training solution for all levels of kosher production. Whether you are already kosher certified, on the road to kosher certification, or seeking an introduction to kosher guidelines, this collection has an online course for you. See how kosher product diversification can increase your consumer base and, thus, your bottom line.

What foods are kosher? What foods are not kosher?

There are three types of kosher foods:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Pareve (“neutral”) – food without meat or milk ingredients, such as fruits, eggs, and more.

Food items that are not kosher include but are not limited to certain fowl and fish (such as pork, rabbit, eagle, owl, catfish, sturgeon, and more), insects, any shellfish, or reptile. Kosher animals must be slaughtered and prepared in a designated manner. In addition, meat and dairy may not be manufactured on the same equipment or consumed together.

What does it mean to be kosher certified?

Kosher certification denotes a food product’s approval by a rabbinic certifying agency. The agency verifies all products, ingredients, tools, machinery, and production procedures follow kosher guidelines and contain no evidence of non-kosher items. The symbol that comes with kosher certification tells consumers that your product adheres to kosher law and is safe to eat.

Our Online Kosher Courses

Our Kosher eLearning courses help plant managers or senior management understand the significance of kosher within their plant and get kosher certified. Managing Kosher Production is a flexible curriculum for all food production and manufacturing facilities. Specialized training for the bakery, beverage, and dairy industries is also available through Managing Kosher Bakery Production, Beverage Production, and Dairy production courses. Our kosher production courses are taught by a rabbi with extensive firsthand experience on the food processing and manufacturing floor.

Managing Kosher Production

Managing Kosher Production

Understand the meaning of kosher with Managing Kosher production, taught by Rabbi Avrohom Stone. Get clarity on kosher production guidelines and inspection via modules complete with practical application scenarios and expert advice for realistic and successful implementation.

Managing Kosher Baking Production

Ideal for bakery facilities looking to diversify with kosher production or improve their existing kosher practice. Offers essential information on special situation specific to kosher baking with additional learning on process steps.

Managing Kosher Beverage Production

Explore the details of kosher production in your beverage facility. Get online resources necessary to passing your kosher inspection and sustaining a successful kosher program.

Managing Kosher Dairy Production

Dive into the essentials of kosher dairy production. Learn how to navigate unique industry guidelines and Jewish holidays like Passover.

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Created by rabbis with decades of experience

Roadmap to Certification

Get the training you need to achieve kosher certification


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