Course Bundle – Corrective and Preventive Action and Root Cause Analysis

  • Course Length: 4 Hours

Gain access to both the “Corrective and Preventive Action Fundamentals” and “Root Cause Analysis Fundamentals” courses at a discounted bundled rate. Maximize your understanding of both topics by taking the courses together. See the tabs below for more information and course agendas.

Bundle Details

Corrective and Preventive Action - online eLearning Course
Corrective and Preventive Action Course Agenda
    1. Introduction to Corrective Action and Preventive Action
    2. When is Corrective Action required?
    3. Problem Solving
    4. Follow-Up
    5. Common Mistakes
    6. Conclusion
Root Cause Analysis - online eLearning Course
Root Cause Analysis – Agenda
    1. Introduction to Root Cause Analysis
    2. When to Initiate Root Cause Analysis
    3. How to Conduct Root Cause Analysis
    4. Common Mistakes
    5. Conclusion


  • Understand the corrective and preventive action process
  • Address deviations and deficiencies in your food safety and quality systems
  • Learn how to fix the immediate problem (corrective action)
  • Determine how to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future (preventive action)
  • Discover how to protect your brand
  • Be prepared for a certification audit
  • Get a clear understanding of root cause analysis
  • Learn how to prevent issues from recurring


Corrective and Preventive Action Fundamentals

Root Cause Analysis Fundamentals

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