Food Defense in 15

Course Length: 15 Minutes

Understand the importance of your company’s food defense plan and your role in protecting the food supply with Food Defense in 15. Developed by the Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) at the University of Minnesota, this online training outlines what employees and supervisors need to know about detecting, reporting, and recording intentional adulteration incidents. Frontline workers and training personnel benefit from concrete examples of key activity types, potential food adulteration threats, and mitigation strategies examined in this course.

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University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota


  • Understand the purpose of food defense programs
  • Learn how to use mitigation strategies to protect against intentional adulteration
  • Recognize the importance of creating and maintaining food defense records
  • Learn how to spot and report suspicious activity in your facility
  • Satisfy FSMA’s 21 CFR 121.4(B)(2) training requirement

Who Should Register?

This course is ideal for frontline employees and supervisors working at actionable process steps in food manufacturing facilities who need an introductory understanding of food defense, such as:

  • Supervisors
  • Production Managers
  • Floor Managers
  • Food Safety Consultants
  • Quality Managers
  • Human Resources
  • SQF Practitioners
  • Senior Managers
  • Sanitation Personnel
  • QA Technicians


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