Georgia Provides $1250
Per Employee to Train
Existing Workforce

July 25 @ 12pm CT


Georgia will provide up to $1,250 per employee, per year. To be eligible, the training provided to employees must meet certain criteria. The training must enhance quality and productivity or teach certain software technologies. Eligible programs include retraining on newly installed equipment or newly implemented technology, such as Alchemy Systems, computer platforms, software implementation and upgrades, Total Quality Management, ISO 9000, and self-directed work teams.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t even apply because they are not aware the funds are available. The other common reason for not applying is lack of time and resources. Don’t be one of those companies! Learn how your peers are benefiting from this program.

Join the Economic Incentives Advisory Group, a state-recognized consultant, and Alchemy Systems, the food industry’s largest training solution provider, as they:

  • Share information on why your company would be a good candidate for these state funds
  • Discuss how to apply for the State of Georgia Retraining Tax Credit
  • Provide an overview of the resources you can use to expedite your application

Below are training expenses the state will of Georgia will reimburse your company through this program:

  • Development of the retraining program
  • Instructor salaries
  • Materials and supplies, textbooks, and manuals
  • Instructional media, such as videotapes and presentations
  • Training equipment purchased or rented and utilized exclusively for the company’s employee retraining purposes
  • Employee wages during the retraining
  • Reasonable travel expenses

You already qualify. It is just a matter of applying for these state funds.

On-Demand Webinar

Featured Panelists

Bryant Colman

Managing Principal, Economic Incentives Advisory Group

Mr. Colman is a Managing Principal with Economic Incentives Advisory Group (EIAG). The firm specializes in researching economic incentives such as hiring related tax credits, business expansion/relocation incentives, training grants, renewable energy benefits, research and development credits,stimulus funds and business specific grants offered by the government or private funding sources.

Graham Mendes

Senior Sales Director, Alchemy Systems