Strengthen Your Company Culture with Internal Customer Service


Webinar Length: 1 Hour

Most employees understand the importance of providing great external customer service, but few may understand the need of providing quality internal customer service. Excellent internal customer service is key to improving your company culture, morale, productivity, employee retention and ultimately, profitability.

Join this webinar with training expert, Sari Trompke, Manager of Training and Development at Bigelow Tea, as she provides insight into developing your own Internal Customer Service Program that starts with training your frontline employees.

You’ll learn:

  • The background of internal customer service and why it is important
  • How an Internal Customer Service Program can impact company culture
  • Training best practices to support your Internal Customer Service Program

On-Demand Webinar

Featured Panelists

Sari Trompke

Manager of Training and Development - Bigelow Tea

Sari Trompke has over 10 years of training experience, she has been the Manager of Training and Development at Bigelow Tea since 2010. At Bigelow Tea, Sari trains employees on Leadership Development including Internal Customer Service. Sari has also created Customer Service Training Parts 1 and 2 for Alaska Airlines (Horizon Air). She has been an Alchemy “Super” User since 2014 and is passionate about training, creating and developing programs to help people build stronger skills for their jobs. Sari is also an author of the book “Getting Into College Easy” which was published in March 2019.

Niel Kennedy

Account Manager - Alchemy

Niel Kennedy has been an Alchemist for over seven years and supports a wide variety of clients in the role of Account Manager. With a background in teaching and education, Niel’s day to day involves working with companies to improve training, communication, and engagement goals for frontline employees as well as the organization as whole.