USDA Template Package

Industry experts at Alchemy Academy compiled their years of personal experience to create a package of templates, examples, and guides to assist with streamlining documentation for regulatory requirements and help successfully navigate the audit process. The USDA Template Package is useful for facilities of all sizes, with completed examples giving additional assistance in further document creation. This product package offers guides for all steps in the audit process.


  • Ensure your documentation is fully compliant with USDA and HACCP regulations
  • Formalize your audit documentation with pre-formatted templates
  • Reduce regulatory non-conformances from unsupported HACCP plans
  • Save time and money—use templates to maximize efficiency and accuracy for regulatory compliance
  • Compiled and created by industry experts with decades of firsthand experience

What’s Included

Included in the USDA Template Package
    • Allergen Label Check Log (Completed)
    • CCP Corrective Action Form #1
    • CCP Corrective Action Form #2
    • FDA Compliance Document 555.425
    • FSIS Time-Temp Ready-to-Eat Poultry Tables
    • Growth Factors for Selected Bacteria
    • HACCP Plan Cover Page
    • HACCP Plan Reassessment Worksheet
    • HACCP Plan Summary
    • HACCP Plan Reassessment Certificate
    • HACCP Plan Reassessment Report
    • HACCP Systems Validation
    • Hazard Analysis Worksheet
    • ICMSF – Tompkin Tables
    • K State Thermometer Calibration Guide
    • NR Summary Report
    • Operational Sanitation Checklist
    • OSU HACCP Supporting Documentation 2017
    • Pre-Operational Checklist
    • Product Description
    • Reassessment Checklist
    • Reassessment Log
    • SSOP Corrective Action Form
    • Thermometer Accuracy Check
    • Thermometer Calibration Example
    • Validation Reference
    • Validation Worksheet

Who Should Download

Individuals tasked with maintaining FDA and audit requirements for food safety systems, including:

  • QA Managers
  • Food Safety Technicians
  • Food Safety Managers
  • Directors of Quality Assurance
  • Directors of Food Safety
  • QA Technicians
  • Product Managers
  • Sanitation Personnel
  • Senior Managers

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