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Setting Up a Successful EMP – White Paper

Set Your Environmental Monitoring Program Up for Success with These 4 Steps

Our Environmental Monitoring Program download will help your facility develop and implement key components to successful EMPs. Environmental Monitoring Programs are designed to minimize recalls for food production and manufacturing while ensuring the safety of your products. Explore the means of achieving a successful EMP and the added benefits of revisiting this procedure to sustain and improve these processes. Facility managers and directors will profit from this thorough outline of considerations for EMPs—both on the regulatory side and the consumer side.

White Paper: Setting Up A Successful Environmental Monitoring Program

In your download, you will additionally discover:

  • Step-by-step EMP setup outline
  • How to establish hygienic zones
  • Training frequency for best practices
  • Sanitation control considerations
  • Instrumental members of risk assessment teams
  • Guidelines for aseptic sampling
  • Governmental regulations for EMPs
  • Tools for sustaining and improving procedures

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